Company philosophy

Company philosophy

Our Mission

To be an Engine for Developing our Society

Our Challenge

To Create new ideas and values that contribute
the Expansion of the Logistics Business

Our Pride

To inspire Confidence in each of our actions

Since the beggining, the Nippon Express Group has used its strength in the field of Logistics to link people, businesses and regions around the world. In this sense, we are been able to contribute on a consistent development of the Company.

To always fulfill our misiĆ³n, we are continually advancing with the intention of address the needs of a changing world.

We constantly strive to offer the latest and most innovative solutions in the logistics business, while maintaining our deep respect for the environment and our strong commitment to safety.

We are always proud of our ability to inspire trust and meet the expectations of our Society.

Every step we take is directed to the progress of the Company and provide a richer life for future generations.